CSR / Sponsorship is committed to developing itself as a socially responsible company that works to bring benefits to the broader community as it pursues its business goals. We seek to establish fair and constructive partnerships with our customers, employees and suppliers, as well as with the society at large.

Working to Preserve the Environment

At, we recognize that we must all work together to look after the environment. As a company, we are committed to taking proactive steps to reduce the use of consumable natural resources and minimize any negative environmental impact caused by our activities.

Ethics conducts its business to the highest standards of business and personal integrity. We are committed to transparency and good governance. We strive at all times to be a good corporate citizen, a fair employer and an honest partner to our suppliers. To this end, we are dedicated to ensuring that all aspects of our operations are conducted in accordance with the relevant laws and ethical norms.

Supporting our Local Communities

Part of being a good corporate citizen is being a good local citizen. supports a number of associations and projects in order to make a positive impact on the communities where we work and live.


DoubleYou (Mobimo) Sailing Team is extremely proud to sponsor the DoubleYou Team for the 2017 season of the D35 Trophy Circuit on Lake Geneva.

The DoubleYou Team and the D35 Circuit perfectly reflect Swiss values of collaboration, technological innovation, and persistence.

AddictLab – Creative Think Tank

In 2016, We-Secure set up a partnership with AddictLab, an international creative think tank with a 20 year track record of delivering cutting edge research for corporate customers.

The Double telepresence robot is used as a tool in brainstorming sessions, allowing AddictLab to draw upon the expertise of their worldwide network of experts across a wide range of disciplines.

Additionally, the AddictLab Academy uses the Double to let schoolchildren experience the latest in robotics technology first hand.

Association Chrétienne de Police Suisse

In April 2016 co-sponsored the design, printing and distribution of a coloring book for children, teaching them about the basics of road safety.

Swiss Junior Gliding Team is a proud sponsor of Swiss Junior Gliding Team and its members Mario Straub and Roger Frei.

Our support helped make their participation in Junior World Gliding Championship in Australia in December 2015 a safer and a more connected experience.