News: 09.05.2018

Iridium 75-Minute E-Voucher Notice

Further important changes to Iridium prepaid pricing plans.

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Effective May 15, 2018, Iridium’s 75-minute Prepaid E-voucher will allow customers to purchase the 75-minute voucher as an airtime recharge only. Currently, the 75-minute voucher can only be purchased in conjunction with a 30-day add time voucher.

New Activations: The 75-minute Prepaid E-Voucher must be activated with at least one 30-day add time voucher

Recharge: The 75-minute Prepaid E-Voucher can be purchased without a 30-day add time voucher. Only the airtime will be added to the users account. However, a user must have time on their account to be able to use the airtime.