News: 05.10.2017 becomes an exclusive reseller for Silent Pocket in Switzerland, Germany and Austria

Silent Pocket is the world’s first comprehensive line of privacy accessories, ranging from sleek, RFID-blocking wallets to full-shielding phone cases and laptop bags that block all wireless signals. Sophistication through simplicity is the company’s motto, which is immediately apparent in their classic, minimalist approach to design (all the products are made from the highest quality Napa leather in jet black).

The company prides itself on their proprietary shielding material, which is embedded into each product and capable of blocking the full range of signals to and from any device, such as a smart phone or tablet. Modern credit cards, passports and mobile devices are vulnerable to privacy and security theft more so than ever before. Whether it is a corporate meeting, international travel, evading GPS tracking, or financial applications, Silent Pocket is on a mission to keep personal info personal.

The full range of Silent Pocket products can be found here.